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Fence Post
the fence post
(editor's letter)

dear friends:

well this is the last issue of 1998. soon we will put up the best tips from all of the 1998 issues. look for the 1999 issues real soon! the image at the top of this page: snowflake is available as a flat sheet print, email me for more info at

primitively yours,
maria pahls

drop a line
miscellaneous letters sent in by readers

here's a note from nicol sayre:

"Just got my issue of the Cloth Doll mag and squealed. Shari Lutz 's doll is absolutely to die for ! Maria, your article was great. I think you did a really nice job of educating the public about primitive style.

I really liked that you listed qualities of primitive that some dolls may have and some not. I especially liked "There is no right or wrong....they just are." Thank you so much for being the voice of primitive style and lets hope that the doll world will sit up and take notice.

Although I am not very vocal I would like to let you know how very much I appreciate your efforts. I always enjoy the primitive pals so much and really feel that it is an inspiration in my doll making Thank you so much You are truly gifted in your dollmaking and writing skills. "
Nicol Sayre - Folk & Whimsy

note: i'd like to thank homespun peddler for their wise words of "there is no right or wrong... they just are" and to congratulate judy beswick on a wonderful issue that was honored to be a part of.

primitive ponderings
questions asked by readers, then replied upon in later issues.

on frannie's question (issue 61) about finding it hard to let go of a doll once you've made it...

"There have been dolls that I've made, only because I love the particular style,(and wish I had one in my collection) so, YES, I've wanted to keep some. In fact, I have taken some to shows, because I needed to have more stuff, but was hoping they wouldn't sell. Like the Pioneer Nick that looked great standing next to the brass moose in my MOOSE collection. And the black Americana doll with two babies... yes, I collect black dolls, too...

If I make things I love, then if it doesn't sell, I'm sure I'll find a *spot* for it in my home. I almost didn't give-up my first Primitive Pandas in the three different sizes! But when I saw that others' loved them too, I decided I could make more."

"yes! sometimes i get a little attached... but when i see someone's face light up, or they call on the phone and say i bought "so and so" using the dolls name, it makes me smile, in fact, i have very few dolls that i have made here at home. there are a few that i could never part with for sentimental reasons."

tips & techniques
angels at rest
the bestest idea was on that mary emmerlings country at home for the holidays 1998. at the seven gate farms in a corner of a room they had what looked to be a dressing area. displayed there were:, a halo of stars, a pair of wings and a pair of child's shoes and white gown laid about as if an angel had come and removed them to take a well deserved rest.

twig stars
create rustic twig stars from cut pieces of grapevine or branches. wire together at the points, then rust the wire by soaking in a bath of cola (rinse after the rust has set) or use vinegar that is brushed on the wire.the rust helps the wire not to stand out against the twigs.tie to trees out doors, attach to gifts, display on swags of greenery or adorn an indoor tree.

"caution do not eat!"
do you just pitch out those little packets that say "do not eat"? the ones that come in shoes, vitamins etc? they contain silica crystals. well here's an idea... save them up and place a hand full of them in a little muslin bag. keep the bag in with dolls or other items that you store to keep moisture down. the little packets contain silica gel that absorbs excess moisture... when fully saturated with water the crystals turn pink.

cardboard tubes
use the cardboard tubing from toilet tissue to make festive holiday "crackers". fill the tubes with candy and small toys and a message. then roll in wrapping/tissue paper and tie the ends.

larger tubes, such as the type found under paper toweling and plastic wrap can make great carrying cases for art work or important papers. i often use these to tote drawings to the copier or for mailing drawings.sure beats buying those expensive mailing tubes!

remember to light the way for your holiday guests with luminary. cut the tops of old milk cartons and punch designs in them then paint white. or use the plastic milk jugs. you can also make them from paperbags (colored or plain, punched with designs or not). add sand at the bottom or gravel to weight. then insert a tea light or votive candle. when using the paper containers be sure to be safe.

the wings of angels
over the last few years i've made quite a few angels and i have experimented with different types of wings. here are a few ideas:

scroll saw: cut out an interesting shape ready made decorative small pressed wood pieces resembel architectural type wings. treatments i have done to wood are painting: add sayings, paint white then rub with gold paint paint a swag of holly or greenery across the wings paint key words like "peace" "joy" * sand when finished to age.

wood burning:
wood burn designs or even feathers into the wood * follow with one of the paint techniques.

add plaster:
add plaster to the wood and create feathers using simple tools to manipulate the plaster.

stiffen felt, old quilts double layer of wool with a piece of wood in the middle for support. treatments i have done to fabric are: paint embroidery applique

cut out a simple shape of rusted tin then embellish. ways i have embellished tin are: paint punching (use a sharp tool and hammer to punch a design, be sure to have a protective surface so as not to damage work area) when done punching, string threads thru holes or curling: long slender ends can be curled to form a number of decorative finishes.

blocks in santa's pouch
to bulk up the pouches of some of the santa's i've made. i added small wooden blocks which were scraps from jim's cabin making. they made the bags look like they had gift boxes in them, rather than filling the bag with fiber fill.

another source from paula for card covers as requested some time ago by sharon:
Fascinating Folds
P.O. Box 10070
Glendale, Az. 85318
(800) 968-2418

book wormie   book reviews
books of interest

the christmas story can be found in the family bible

the night before christmas is available in many forms and is a fun
poem-story to read to the little ones.

spider web
web sites of members & other sites of interest

old christmas ornaments

the source for everything jewish


"no man is a failure who has friends"

"every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings"

        From the movie It's a Wonderful Life

Snowflake, the doll - © Maria Pahls

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