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Fence Post
the fence post
(editor's letter)

dear friends:
this issue includes some suggestions for embellishment of primitive dolls. it seems that the main focus is in hand made items.


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here are some replies to the questions: "what items used for primitive accessories & is embroidery ok? "(#6)

tana-items used include various dried things, herbs & twigs. they work well for arms & legs even wings. one pattern she has calls for a prune pit for the dolls head. things the dolls might hold include small flower pots, baskets, wreaths, herb garlands and bunches of flowers or herbs.

dian c. - says that she feels embroidery is fine, but her own taste would lead her to use wool yarn in earth tones...and just the basics, like running stitch and chain stitch.

maria - i like to use bird houses of all sorts that i make from tin & wood or from grapevine cut to make a round house with a half piece tacked on for the roof. also like making little nests by wrapping that gray floral moss around my finger tightly and then tucking the end in the resulting hole. i fill the nest with fimo birds eggs. i like little metal watering cans, garden tools and bee skeps too.

non primitive doll,made primitive... (mental exercise from # 6)

rosalee- she "made" the mermaid by taking a piece of drift wood and draping tea-dyed cheesecloth around the wood also incorporated shells and dried weeds. she would not try to define a face since mermaids are elusive creatures. she would shred more of the cheesecloth as the hair. she said that maybe a group of the dolls would be nice if kept small so that you might not notice them unless looking close.

NEW QUESTION from kathy w...
does any one have a good source for hair for both primitive dolls and other styles?
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In February, 2002 we learned that you may now orders Rhondas Rag Bag Buddies patterns by contacting Deann Lineback, P.O. Box 990126, Redding CA. Phone (530) 241-5477. Check the web site:
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when winter's hand quiets the ground-
i find myself missing the sound,
of crickets
on the lawn
at night.
                        by maria pahls

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