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Fence Post
the fence post
(editor's letter)
dear friends:

we have nearly doubled in size! the group is now at 21 and the requests continue to come in daily! as always, please write in with your questions and inspirational tidbits! something may not seem a "big deal" to you, but could prove interesting to another, so do tell all!

maria pahls
drop a line
miscellaneous letters sent in by readers

primitive ponderings
questions asked by readers, then replied upon in later issues.

i had a request for my tin source, i will put this in issue #9. where do you all get your tin? what size do you get, and how much is it(shipping/tax too). i would like to list some sources for tin....

how do you rust your tin? what is the resulting color? what do you use the tin for? are there any other metals or aging techniques that you use?
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tips & techniques
highlights of tips sent in by readers
(future issues)

burlap sack
mail order resources section

po box 9122
rochester mn 55903 / usa
phone:(507) 252-1477
cost $2

hair sources (as requested in #7)

stitches &sawdust:
po box 990113
naples fl 33999 / usa
sell loops

hickety pickety
906 s washington
wellington, ks 67152
(contact things i like if you are in australia)
Send e-mail to Sonja Sandell.

twice as nice designs
3811 douglas ave
desmoines ia 50310 / usa

heirloom beginings:
27919-99th ave ne
arlington wa 98223
(great colors/small wholesale minimums)-kurly tresses

Moonspinner's Ranch (Donna Downing)
14607 Woods Valley Road
Valley Center, CA 92082
phone (760) 749-3114
they carry fleece / wool including mohair they come in assorted colors in the wool and other yarn fibers.

sue kneir's world of mohair
not sure of cost but she offers all sorts of samples and a price list.
You can send her e-mail.

hard to find doll supplies:
400 walnut
overbrook, ka 66524
phone (913) 665-7500
they carry wavy wool,tibetan goat skin,braided creap mohair,lil loopies and ultra suede.
Book Wormie   book reviews
books of interest

while reading 'victoria' magazine for april of 97,i noticed a wonderful article on quilter janet bolton(pp86-89). she works in miniature with small scraps of fabric, and the resulting works are rather primitive and humble. she has a new book that has a garden theme titled "in a patchwork garden" (quilt digest press / available thru ntc contemporary publishing co. (800)323-4900). she was first featured in april 1990 victoria.
spider web
web sites of members & other sites of interest

poetry and verses to use for samplers etc.

my little doll

itsy bitsy buttons
a wee scrap of lace.

teenie tiny stitches
an itty bitty face.

                    maria pahls

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