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Fence Post
the fence post
(editor's letter)

dear friends:
thanks to all who entered our contest "rosemary challenge". we had several wonderful essays that attempted to explain "what is primitive" . the winning essay was by joanie, ms homespun herself! she will receive a prize for the heartfelt words she wrote! enjoy this, our 4th issue!

maria pahls

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interesting items used on a doll-(issue 2)
i have a primitive rabbit doll, made of warm & natural that is tea/coffee stained, she has a little frayed collar on her dress and to the collar was glued one black oil sunflower seed. it is a nice touch.

new question :
ann wants to know "what primitive means" to each of us. she is new to primitives, maybe this will tell her a bit more about them.

new question :
rosemary wants to know primitive dolls are limited to "pancake style"?
thanks to all who entered the "rosemary challenge". the moment we have all been waiting for! and the winner is:

the essay contest we had over the last few weeks has ended. here is the winning essay that rosemary chose:

"primitive is such a cozy comforting craft. it brings out the child- like creativity in all of us. prints and colors don't have to match. seams don't have to be straight. stitching can be crooked. if it is worn,torn and dirty- who cares!?! primitive lets us be kids again- coloring and cutting outside the lines-carefree with our creations. the bodies don't have to have any correct proportions, no matter what kind of mess we make-no one scolds us-we can spill our coffee or tea with no problems...we are just being "primitively artistic". primitive is truly the fufillment of our childhood. i find it to be a relaxing (almost lazy if you will) art form. ya' gotta love it..."

essay by: joanie
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burlap sack
mail order sources section

country friends by wendy briggs in australia.
the pattern is colonial angel. (06) 251 5097. the kit includes a wire wing set. some of the other patterns she offers are country.

the enchanted attic
route 5, box 165aaa
oakview addition
el dorado springs, mo 64744

laurel st designs
po box 409
milford nj 08848

costs were not indicated on above.

patrice & co.
152 e 11th ave
escondido,ca 92025
619-743-7528 fax 619-735-8375
cost $2 sells sweet seasons books, some of which appear to contain primitives also some individual patterns for dolls & needlework. looks nice!
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He who whispers down the well,
of the wares he has to sell,
will never reap the golden dollars,
of he who climbs a tree and hollers!
                              submitted by teresa reynolds

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