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primitive pals #3
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Fence Post
the fence post
(editor's letter)

hi friends and welcome to issue 3. as per your votes the name of the newsletter and our group will be "primitive pals". if you want to shorten it, may i suggest pals or prim pals, even p.pals...but please no "pp's"!

maria pahls

drop a line
miscellaneous letters sent in by readers

flower line

primitive ponderings
questions asked by readers, then replied upon in later issues.

(issue 2) interesting item used on a primitive doll: rosalee bought a fairy doll that had an upturned hemp root for hair. the root (dried) was sprayed with glitter and dye.
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tips & techniques
highlights of tips sent in by readers
(future issues)

burlap sack
mail order sources section
Cat and dolls Hickety Pickety
715 s. elm st., wellington, ks 67152
(color pics) $2 (us funds).
they have lots of patterns, primitive dolls, animals & wood. also a bi-monthly newsletter for $1 per issue. in australia you can get hp patterns and supplies from "things i like" (086) 346 081.

heart to hand
p.o. box 3484 hayden, id 83835.
catalog $2, refunded on first order (us funds).
a nice color catalog. several primitive patterns and other sweet little animals & dolls, some primitive, country and folk-type patterns. other accessories like rusted garden tools & wood buttons.
Book Wormie   book reviews
books of interest

spider web
web sites of members & other sites of interest
a stitch in time ( has a few patterns that i would consider primitive, and many country type dolls. the higher numbers are the more primitive patterns.
poetry and verses to use for samplers etc.

Children are a handfull sometimes, a heartfull always.
                              submitted by teresa reynolds

Silent thoughts of times together
hold memories that will last forever
                              teresa reynolds

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