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Fence Post
the fence post
(editor's letter)
dear friends,

thank you for visiting the seed pod at homespun peddler. be sure to browse around this web site to find patterns and dolls and other primitive information.

the brown paper bag picture at the top of this page was done by sonja sandel of hickety pickety. You can see much more of Sonja's work in her hickety pickety catalog on the homespun peddler site.

primitively yours,
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miscellaneous letters sent in by readers
claudia sent in this report of the progressive dolls:

" Four wonderful naked dolls arrived at my house last week. My 4 year old daughter was so excited she danced all over the living room with them. They have long arms and long legs - I can't wait to dress them. I am planning on looking for something special to make their dresses out of while in Pennsylvania."

rosetta just returned from her new england trip,here's what she had to say:

"i just got back last night from a wonderful vacation and couldn't wait to break into my swap packages. i just love the "primitive baby" you made. it is too cute! thank you so much. i'm glad you liked the one i made for you. this was a fun exchange. right now i need to catch up on things - haven't even unpacked yet and will write and let you know about my fabulous finds!"

karen sent this letter about her current projects:

"I just finished my pin dolls for the exchange and I am looking forward to receiving the others. These are my first attempt at "primitives" and they turned out fine, not great. I hope my exchange partners will enjoy her. I have my Santa completed for the exchange. I made my own pattern, it is very simple, but I was pleased with the results. I did use a lollipop stick through the body and into the head to help keep his head up. He definitely won't be for small children to play with. A good friend from Oregon will be send me moss, sticks, and other great stuff to work on primitives. I promised her a primitive Santa, if she would share the moss. I think every area has wonderful primitive items to share for making our dollies. It would be fun to get special items from around the country."

kate sent in this report of what she is working on:

" I'm working on 2 dolls. First, a queen who will be dressed in blue (for an order) Her name is Young Queen Sapphire. It's my own pattern with long legs, a shaped body with a gusset bottom & I cut the face on the cross so it's got more width. That worked well. I've painted it with acrylics & finally reverted to my tried & true fine brushes as I found the Pigma pens a little faded looking. Now she's waiting on clothes. I think she'll have a wimple around her head & a crown over that. She has a very sweet face and I'm pleased with that because I didn't start with a drawing in mind. It was the first time I used chenille sticks in the fingers, i like the shape of them very much. Doll 2 is for entry in the next doll show. Slightly primitive, my first attempt at aging & breaking down a doll. She's a medieval broomseller. I painted the joints with a wash of raw umber acrylic, next a coffee wash. I used fabric crayons & acrylics for the face after researching national geographic mags. for old faces with character. Got some great ideas for new dolls too. I've dyed some calico in rusty brown for her dress & I've got some black crepe soaking in bleach right now for an underskirt or apron. For her hair I've glued on some lovely alpaca bits. That's a first but it's so soft and natural looking I'm sure it's a winner. "

primitive ponderings
questions asked by readers, then replied upon in later issues.

here is a question about crackle from rosalee:

"Why can't I get paint to crackle on fabric? Have tried now with two different types of crackle solution and not having any luck. Painting undercolour, letting dry, painting crackle (not overlapping) letting dry, painting overcolour, nice and thick, letting dry, watching watching checking again, screaming kicking, pulling my hair out, that's basically what's happening. What am I doing wrong? I wouldn't have thought that the fact it is on fabric would affect the crackle process, because there is a base of paint between fabric and crackle. I have used varnish on my dolls faces and shoes before and like the finish, but I wanted to crackle the varnish and apply antique medium"

another question from caryn, she wants to know about different techniques to distress new fabrics beyond tea dye,does any one have any assistance they can offer???
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tips & techniques
highlights of tips sent in by readers
(future issues)

burlap sack
mail order resources section

treehouse designs
15 Vintage court
Cartersville, GA 30120
(770) 606-0071
Patterns $10; bro $3; CK / MC / VISA / MO
Book Wormie   book reviews
books of interest
"Celebrate! With Little Quilts"
by Alice Berg, Mary Ellen Von Holt, and Sylvia Johnson,
published by That Patchwork Place. ISBN 1-56477-108-3
sent in by debee - some small hooking projects in it along with mini quilts & wall hangings
spider web
web sites of members & other sites of interest

poetry and verses to use for samplers etc.
Little Girl, Little Girl

Little girl, little girl, where have you been?
Gathering roses to give to the Queen.
Little girl, little girl, what gave she you?
She gave me a diamond as big as my shoe.

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