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Fence Post
the fence post
(editor's letter)

dear friends,

i'd like to mention to you that the seed pod ran a message board on Delphi some years ago. That board no longer exists but it was fun while it lasted.
primitively yours,

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miscellaneous letters sent in by readers

another note from lynne on a current project:

"Latest Project: I am very proud of myself! This past week I completed 2 dolls from the Sampler Annie pattern by Plum Creek Collectibles. In the past I have just redone dolls. These are my first dolls from scratch! In the pattern the doll wears an apron on which you embroider a sampler pattern. I used an old embroidered dish towel for one apron and a red checked dish towel for the other. This doll also did not have hands, sleeves were just gathered at wrists, so I added hands. I'm pleased with the outcome and encouraged to do more."

roz tells us of a recent primitive find:

"... as a little treat I bought a lovely wooden angel painted in black and mustard with tin wings, halo and star. She is 6" tall from toes to star tip. I saw her in a shop at Christmas time and she did not sell with all the glittery angels around her. She waited in the shop for so long and I visited her anytime I was near her shop. Then of course on Friday I felt it was time for a treat!

Funny enough when my seven year old saw her she thought she was lovely and called her a guardian angel. Obviously she saw the same in her that I did."

pam sent in this:

"I just finished 5 primitive rabbits and tried a different imaginative technique to achieve the affect. After sewing up the bodies and stuffing them, I soaked them in my usual mixture of water, instant coffee and salt - then put them out to dry. I usually dye the fabric before I cut anything. But as they dried the stuffing dried separately and dripped. The look is very ancient with a lot of marbleizing and stains. I love it. I used muslin for these body bases."

primitive ponderings
questions asked by readers, then replied upon in later issues.

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tips & techniques
highlights of tips sent in by readers
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burlap sack
mail order resources section

Townfolk Designs
6612 U.S. 41 S
Marquette MI 49855
(906) 249-1898

they sell the book: Folk Art Felt which has embellishing on wool, penny quilts, rug hooking,and dolls. a newsletter comes with a pattern when ordered.

Plum Creek Collectibles
P.O. Box 1959
DeSoto, TX 75123
214-335-3387 phone
972-217-1681 fax

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poetry and verses to use for samplers etc.

"Buttons, buttons everywhere, in my pockets, in my hair."
this one was sent in by lynne

"Every man dies, but not every man really lives"
William Wallace (Braveheart)

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