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Fence Post
the fence post
(editor's letter)

dear friends,

as summer draws to a close and the autumn approaches i'd like to share with you a thought that i had scrawled on a piece of paper...not sure where it came from... "As we come in from the garden at summer's end, we must harvest and purify our intentions. We must continue to grow inwardly...shed our old ways, like the ritual of autumn. By relinquishing them, we give way to new and much more productive thinking."

primitively yours,
maria pahls
drop a line
miscellaneous letters sent in by readers
alex sent in this letter:

"I am exited to get the next newsletter. Crafting, painting and sewing help me keep my sanity and having a strong believe in God helps me through a lot. If the projects I worked on could talk, they would have a lot to say about some of the difficulties I've experienced in life. Making a wonderful new project really does help. I just wished I had more friends to get together with here in my new hometown. It is always hard to meet new people, especially some that you have a lot in common with and seem to click right away. Right now I'm making a baby quilt for my sister's baby in Germany. They love quilts over there and really appreciate them. I'm also still busy with my friendship quilting group. Can't wait to check my mail for new blocks. It has been a lot of fun.
Thanks again, ALEX"

twila sent in this note:

"Dear Maria, On Saturday I went to a wonderful outdoor craft show in East Berlin,Pa. My first time. The crafters had to dress in colonial dress. They closed off the downtown main street to traffic so the 128 juried booths could set up. I was very thrilled to see Shari Lutz (a primitive pal)set up there. Her Santa's are out of this world!! I have always admired her work. I bought one of her smaller santas -he looks so real . If you ever get a chance to see her work you will be totally awed!" Twila

primitive ponderings
questions asked by readers, then replied upon in later issues.

on batting used for bears (#26)

the bears you are talking about are probably made with "warm and natural". it takes tea dye really well and looks great as the "skin" for a teddy bear. maria
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tips & techniques
highlights of tips sent in by readers
judie n sent in a halloween idea:

" Mummy:I make a simple wire body form, minus head but with a neck, and staple it to a wooden base. Wrap with 1" wide strips of thick quilt batting until you get a "person" shape. Then I make the head with a bag shape of black fabric, stuff firmly and gather at the bottom. Just attach this to the body at the neck, with hot glue. I cut strips of gauze in a random rough manor. Start wrapping the figure in a hap hazzard way. You do not want him to be neatly wrapped, but completely covered. The more treads and ravels the better. The only space that stays uncovered is a bit in the middle of the face. This should be just enough room to paint two eyes peeking out. Paint two white ovals and dot with black pupils. The gauze can be tea dyed before hand, but I usually spray him with tea after assembly to give it a more uneven look. I use the fake spider web from the craft store and run a few webs from his body to the base. Some tiny spiders look great too. I only make a couple of these every year for a boo-tique. I still have one that is 6 years old. Think he will need a new spider web this year."
burlap sack
mail order resources section

"The Crow And The Weasel"
c/o Gloria Bowlin
207 w. madison st.,
new carlisle ohio 45344
$1 for brochure.

Sunshine Discount Crafts
They have the 1 3/4" garden tools and lots of other things

Factory Direct Craft Supply
Book Wormie   book reviews
books of interest
two nice teddy bear "picture" books

"Christina Bjork Big Bears Book" by himself
isbn 9129629128
the story of chistina's family of stuffed animals and bears told by big bear. nice photos.

"Teddy Bears"
Hermes House
isbn# 1840380756
the history and prose related to teddy bears with some good photos.
spider web
web sites of members & other sites of interest
see shari lutz's web site at:

warm & natural site
poetry and verses to use for samplers etc.

"Count the night by stars, not shadows, count your life by smiles, not tears. And with joy on every birthday, count your age by friends not years."

"It is not only necessary to love, it is necessary to say so"         french saying

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