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While searching for interesting products, The Peddler came across these Grapevines for Grilling, another offering from Dbeck. Now we knew that years ago boys would sneak out behind the barn and smoke small sections of grapevine like a cigarette, but we never head of using grapevine on the grill for smoking food. Well, here's what the Dbeck information sheet says:
The concept of grilling with wood spans centuries. Its history is rooted in the southwest of France, in the Bordeaux region, where an age-old cooking tradition endures.

Once a year, after grapes are harvested from their vineyards, vines are pruned allowing for next year's crop to flourish. These vine prunings, known to the French as "sarments", are gathered by the villagers and tossed onto open fires to grill and smoke their meats and fish, thus enhancing the flavor of their food with the distinctive taste of the wihe from this reagion.
That description was enough for us to stock a supply of grapevine for the shop. Our local, hardcore, bar-b-que fanatic chef added a supply of grapevine to his collection of smoking wood and claims that the unique flavor is as good as mesquite or hickory or other traditional American smoking woods.
Our grapevine is packaged in attractively printed, heavy boxes containing enough vine for eight to twelve individual barbecues. Also included is a history of French grilling traditions, instructions for grilling and smoking, and two traditional French recipies for grilling with grapevines.
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Price per box of grapevine: $21.95
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