Linda Brannock is one half of the well known Brannock/Patek quilt partnership. Linda continues to collaborate with Jan Patek, but she also has her own pattern line under the name Star Quilt Company. These books and patterns exhibit the same beautiful artistry as all of Linda's books.

Homespun Peddler is selecting a collection of Star Quilt Company books and patterns for our customers. Linda only sells on a wholesale basis, but she does have a web site which shows the majority of her works. Visit Star Quilt Company to find items that Homespun Peddler might not stock and we can order those for you.

Star Quilt Company books by Linda Brannock

SQC-624:   Miss Jump's Quilt Album
  SQC-826:   Miss Jump's Favorites
  SQC-940:   Miss Jump's Memories
  SQC-950:   Miss Jump's Christmas, etc.

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